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Eco Verde Solutions Pte Ltd Official Partner of Homebiogas for Indonesia and Singapore


If it´s not US, then WHO? If it´s not NOW, then WHEN?

We started our journey almost 10 years ago by asking ourselves “How could we take care of Mother Earth better?” How can chip in our little contribution to damage less this world we live in and that we are guarding for our children?

Our motto is, “baby steps are the way to go!”

Here at Eco Verde, we focus on food waste and its massive repercussions on the environment. However, we believe in positively rallying the forces and bringing you some cutting-edge and smart solutions to minimize your impact on the environment – one step at a time. We love sharing our journey towards more sustainable living. We aim to inspire you with practical & simple ideas and tools for a greener existence.

As first sustainable recommendation would be HOMEBIOGAS, a wonderful BIO DIGESTER. This is our vision and mission: TO RECYCLE ORGANIC WASTE MAINLY FROM FOOD WASTE INTO CLEAN ENERGY AND LIQUID FERTILIZER. Because, in this process, apart from solving the problem of wet waste, affordable energy needs can be met, there is another additional result, namely organic liquid fertilizer which is very useful for plants. So we can conclude that this is a PERFECT CYCLE.

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